How to Delegate: 5 Tips for Effective Managers

Delegating responsibilities represents a crucial aspect of most management and leadership roles. For entrepreneurs embarking on their business journey, the initial stages often demand donning numerous hats, […]

A leader delegating a taks during a meeting

Struggling With Change? Consider Seeing a Life Coach

Big career changes and transitions can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stalled. If you’re struggling to adjust, a life coach may be able to help guide you. […]

Ikigai: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Life

Discovering the Essence of Ikigai   In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, amidst the cacophony of modern life, exists a profound concept deeply rooted in Japanese culture—Ikigai. Pronounced “ee-kee-guy,” this term encapsulates […]

What is the 80 20 Rule?

Life coaching is an excellent way to get the results in life you want and take your career to new heights. Much of what you could learn […]

80 20 rule