Elevating Your Standards: The Key to a Fulfilling Life

Written by on September 15, 2023

The legendary football coach of the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka, was known to state, “You get what you tolerate.” When life doesn’t measure up to your aspirations, it might be an indicator that your standards have settled too low. It’s thought that a titan of business like Donald Trump amasses wealth partly because earning just $1 million annually is deemed unacceptable to him.

Ask yourself: Are you content with a $50k annual salary or carrying an extra 20 lbs.? Without a push to elevate your standards, stagnation sets in. Would you be accepting of a partner who resorts to physical or verbal abuse? What are the long-term ramifications of maintaining that standard?

Ultimately, your life will reflect what you deem acceptable, not necessarily what you desire.

Here’s how elevating your standards can transform your life:

  1. Boundaries of Acceptance: Standards define the minimum you’re willing to accommodate. Determine the least acceptable outcomes in your life and aspire higher. When life falls below these standards, you’ll be compelled to make adjustments.
  2. Fluid Standards: At any juncture, you have the autonomy to uplift your standards. Life isn’t just about surviving but thriving. Take charge and redefine your path.
  3. Personal Conduct is Paramount: The standards you hold for yourself, whether it’s punctuality or personal responsibility, have wide-reaching implications. Boosting standards for personal behavior can lead to holistic improvements in life.
  4. Pledge to Uplift: Decide on a specific area you’re determined to improve. Envision how your actions would differ if you implemented these elevated standards.
  5. Visualization: Conjure up a mental image of yourself excelling in your chosen area, whether it’s career progression or healthier relationships. Let the positive emotions associated with this vision guide and motivate you.
  6. Be Proactive: A genuine shift in standards manifests through changed actions. If stagnation persists, it’s a sign that the standards still need a nudge.
  7. Adopt a Core Shift: Instead of setting a mere goal, like shedding 25 lbs., internalize the shift. For instance, see yourself as someone who prioritizes wellness. This intrinsic change will ripple out to other aspects of life.
  8. Acknowledge Adherence: On your journey, be mindful of instances where you’re in sync with your new standards. Celebrating these little victories can bolster your commitment.
  9. Comprehend the Consequences: Understand the repercussions if you fail to uphold your enhanced standards. The gravity of potential setbacks can be a driving force to maintain your trajectory.

Tony Robbins, the renowned life coach, credits the elevation of his standards as the pivotal change that redefined his life’s trajectory. Your life’s quality isn’t just determined by aspirations but by the minimum you’re willing to accept. Elevate your standards, and life will invariably rise in tandem.