How to Lead With Courage

Written by on September 22, 2023

When we visualize leaders, it’s common to imagine valiant, almost superhuman figures leading the way through perilous situations. Pop culture paints leaders as the heroes at the forefront, braving adversities head-on. But in reality, many of us assume roles of leadership in more subdued settings: offices, homes, and community centers.

Nevertheless, even in these less dramatic scenarios, the essence of courage remains paramount.

Leadership by Example

Exceptional leaders are proactive. When you actively participate and set an example, you establish a strong precedent for your team. This proactive approach counteracts a damaging leadership trait: duplicity.

One of the quickest ways to sow discord in a team is by displaying a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude.

When you’re at the helm, the responsibility falls upon you. Delegating challenging tasks without getting involved or shirking responsibilities isn’t leadership; it’s an abuse of power.

The Power of Decisiveness

Being proactive also involves clarity in decision-making. While some leaders dither in fear of making incorrect choices, it’s vital to understand that indecisiveness is often more harmful than an occasional wrong decision. Hesitancy can project weakness, while decisiveness, even if occasionally misdirected, can foster trust and confidence among your team.

Embracing Accountability

What makes decisiveness an act of bravery?

It’s the acceptance of the accompanying responsibility. Leadership isn’t about dictating terms or claiming undue credit. It’s about owning the welfare of the team, safeguarding them, making crucial choices, and bearing the ensuing outcomes. Dodging decisions to avoid blame is a sign of fear, not leadership.

The Strength of Composure

A courageous leader is also one who remains unflappable during challenging times. Should you err, admitting the mistake and facing the repercussions without buckling under pressure is essential. When crises loom, your team looks up to you. A composed leader can steer the team effectively, ensuring collective calm and a focused response.

Cultivating Heroic Leadership

So, where does this reservoir of courage and resilience spring from? Is it about putting on a brave facade?

Absolutely not.

True leadership arises from valuing the broader mission over oneself. It stems from a commitment to the organization’s objectives and the well-being of the team. By putting the collective goal and team’s welfare above personal interests, embodying courageous leadership becomes second nature.

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