How to Make Better Decisions When You Don’t Know the Consequences of Your Choice

Written by on June 11, 2022

As humans, we have many limits. We cannot foresee the implications of our decisions. We can only predict or assume based on prevalent conditions and past trends.

Whether our decision will cause a favorable or destructive consequence, we cannot run away from the implications of our choices. That is why we should carefully look at the steps and approaches we use in making life choices.

As an individual, you may encounter zillions of choices to pick from in your everyday life. It will be in your interest to decide which one will drive you towards your life goals.

In making the most critical decisions of our life, we must take notice of the following tips:

●      Don’t let stress get the better of you.

●      Give yourself some time.

●      Weigh the pros and cons.

●      Think about your goals and values.

●      Consider all the possibilities.

●      Keep a diary.

Beyond these tips, it’s also important to adhere to the four fundamental blocks of decision-making offered by Tim Elmore.

He proposed that knowing our decisions will not please everyone but will affect everyone, and we thus have tomake an effort to make wise choices that will enable us to sleep at night.

Look at these four pillars and make them a habit:

●      Perceive all viewpoints.

●      Work to believe the best about others.

●      Think long term.

●      Find solutions where everyone sees the benefit.

Even though we do not foresee the consequences of our decisions until they strike us, we should not fear the result. Believe in your resilient psychological ability to cope with whichever outcome.

Possible Consequences of our Decisions

Every decision has a consequence – small or huge, long- or short-term. For instance, choosing an egg or fruit for breakfast will not yield as much of an impact as choosing which course to major in at college.

These consequences may scare us from analyzing situations and making the best choice out of several alternatives.

If you have ever made any poor decisions in your life, know that it is typical human nature. We all mess up, but the most important thing is to rise to your feet and recover from your mess.

You will decide your education, career, marriage, relationships, children, where to live, and more. These tips will help you make a good choice.

How to Make the Right Choices

●      Set beneficial goals.

●      Identify all alternatives.

●      Weigh the pros and cons.

●      Select the best alternatives.

●      Develop and put in place an action.

Think of Zig Ziglar’s quote on the consequence of choices. He drew attention to how we have the freedom to make choices, but we cannot flee the result of our choices. This statement is valid considering the implication of the decision we make today.

Be very cautious in your decisions and consider the impact on yourself and others. Also, be ready to face the consequences and move on. Follow these tips and you’ll make wise decisions that you can live with.

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