Struggling With Change? Consider Seeing a Life Coach

Written by on May 15, 2024

Big career changes and transitions can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stalled. If you’re struggling to adjust, a life coach may be able to help guide you. Here’s how this professional can assist during challenging times of change.

Provide an Objective Perspective

When you’re deep in the emotions of a major change, it’s hard to see things clearly. A life coach offers an impartial third-party perspective on your situation. They aren’t invested in your life the way family and friends are so they can be more objective. An outside view helps identify opportunities, patterns, or biases you may be too close to notice. Objective feedback assists in better decision-making.

Offer Support and Accountability

Change is hard. Having regular check-ins with a life coach provides needed support and motivation to keep moving forward. Knowing you must report progress to your coach each week also enhances accountability during vulnerable transitions. A coach cheers your wins and redirects self-defeating behaviors. With an empathetic coach by your side, you feel less alone during difficult changes.

Help Clarify Goals and Vision

It’s easy to feel directionless amidst major life shifts. A life coach helps crystallize your short and long-term goals, values, and vision. Coaching helps you define the destination before plotting the route to get there. Setting intentional goals and refocusing your why restores meaning and purpose during disorienting times of change and growth. With a clear vision, you can take targeted steps forward.

Develop New Habits and Skills

Change requires adopting new habits, mindsets, and skills to thrive in a new reality. A coach supports this personal development through exercises, homework, reading recommendations, and other practical tools. They’ll help identify and build the capabilities you need. A coach also holds you accountable for sticking to new positive habits. According to Gitnux, 73% of clients stated that they have improved relationships. With consistent coaching, you can gain the skills to master change.

If an upcoming life transition like a job change has you overwhelmed, don’t go it alone. Consider partnering with a life coach to have support navigating the turbulence. An experienced coach can stabilize you, reorient your vision, and equip you with the tools to handle change with greater clarity and capability. You’ll be surprised by how effectively coaching calms the chaos during seasons of transformation. Call JB Coaches to schedule your first appointment!