What Are Some of the Benefits of Working Towards Your Goals?

Written by on August 1, 2018


There is a lot of talk about working toward your goals, whether personal or professional. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost and caught up in the specific tools used to reach your goals, without realizing the benefits that come along with the process itself. Sure using proven techniques such as the Warren Buffett 2 List Strategy is an excellent starting point, but if you don’t cultivate a genuine appreciation for the benefits of working towards your goals, then it will be difficult to maintain your focus and motivation. The next time you find yourself getting hung up on the process, remember some of these main benefits of working toward your goals.

Generating Results Begins with Generating the Right Goals

Without a clear road map of where you’re going (and why you want to get there) it’s nearly impossible to gain any traction on your goals. Even so, it’s tempting to focus on the results of your work, rather than the action that’s needed to get there. Sometimes it’s necessary to first create the right kinds of goals that will then lead you to the results you desire. In a world that is fixated on instant gratification and fulfillment, deploying true patience and gratitude in relation to your results will put you miles ahead of the competition. Even if it seems difficult at first, setting the right goals is one of the most vital signs of true long-term success in business and life.

Creating Goals and Making Progress Creates a Sense of Meaning

Every successful business person knows that work ethic is not enough to generate lasting success. Sure, you can work every moment of every day, but doing so without the right reasons in place is a sure route toward eventual burnout. Instead, you should work to create meaning from your goals. Even if you’re trying to grow revenue in a start-up or business environment by using something like the Warren Buffett 2 List Strategy, it helps to know why you’re trying to grow your numbers. How will increased revenue contribute to your overall vision for your company? How will it help you produce results for those close to you? Bouncing these kinds of questions around can get you started toward developing a strong sense of meaning in relation to your goals.

Working Towards Your Goals Reduces Bad Stress Chemicals

Have you ever looked at the numbers when it comes to physical symptoms of stress? According to the numbers, 77% percent of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Everything from sore muscles to poor digestion can be traced back to stress. Doing everything you can to reduce the amount of stress in your life will make you both happier and healthier. As it turns out, making progress on your goals is a great way to do this.

As you probably know, not all stress is bad. Negative stress is associated with a low sense of self-worth and a lack of meaning. Positive forms of stress are associated with hard work and persistence. When you’re defining your goals and tackling them one by one, it’s a good idea to understand that some level of stress is expected, even normal. But choosing goals that produce more positive stress than negative stress is an excellent way to create the kind of sustainable lifestyle that will bring you success time and time again. Keep this in mind if you’re using the Warren Buffett 2 List Strategy to get a clearer picture of your priorities.

At JB Coaches, we are happy to offer a range of counseling and life coaching services. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur looking to get a leg up in your field, or if you’re reaching new heights in your goals as an employee, having the right support and guidance by your side is a critical factor in both your long-term and short-term success. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in delving into the Warren Buffett 2 List Strategy, or developing a strategy for focused attention, our team of experienced professional life coaches and advisers would love to help you progress toward your goals. Reach out and get in touch with us today for more information!

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