Five Strategies to Find Your Life Purpose

Written by on June 25, 2022

Psychologists conclude that meaningful, long-term goals develop throughout our lives, not just in an instant. And goals tied to our purpose motivate us and keep us going. But many of us never figure out our purpose.

Some, however, have a concept of what they want but struggle to plan to get there. For others, life feels meaningless and purposeless. They constantly search for goals but never quite get there. If you’re stuck in a rut, you’re not alone.

However, you can take charge of your life and create greater meaning and purpose.

Try these strategies today to feel more fulfilled and purposeful:

1. Build a vision board. A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent your goals for the future. At first, you might use magazines or pictures of things that attract you and place them on a bulletin board. Over time, however, you’ll create a collage of images that harken to your future.

●      Vision boards are an excellent tool for identifying your purpose and setting goals. You can tape your board to a wall or put it in a frame. See what you can accomplish by envisioning it.

2. Focus on your strengths. The truth is, we can’t be all things to all people. As humans, we don’t have the energy or resources to do so. Focusing on your strengths can help you concentrate your energies.

●      Your strengths are unique to you. They’re the things that come naturally to you and are easy for you to do. Develop those skills further through further education, training, or experience. Working at your strengths helps you focus your efforts and do the best work possible.

3. Uncover things that energize you. As you learn about yourself, you’ll realize that different parts of your personality energize you more than others. These traits are a natural part of who you are, so building on them will help you use your strengths daily.

●      For example, if you are naturally artistic, then create a career that makes art a part of what you do. Finding out the things that energize you is part of the process of discovering what you want out of life.

4. Discover the person — or people — you’d like to help. The most significant impact you can have on yourself and the people around you is by giving yourself to others. Knowing this, ask yourself who or what you would like to help or how to make a difference. Then, determine how you can help them and get started.

●      Finding a person — or group of people — is not easy. You might need to take the time to observe those around you and figure out who needs your help and what you can do. But once you start this process, you’ll be amazed at how many opportunities will appear.

●      And the rewards are priceless. When you sit down at the end of the day and realize you helped someone, or when you get a chance to do something to help someone else, that’s when the true purpose of your life becomes clear.

5. Start working your way toward the goal. Once you’ve taken the time to uncover the things that energize you and figure out who you’d like to help, it’s time to get started.

●      The time to start is now, and the best way to start is by working toward the goal. That might mean changing jobs, going to school, starting your own business, or volunteering. Most people fail because they don’t take the first step.

Remember, you control your life and your purpose. You’re not bound to fate or anything outside yourself. You have the power — and the possibility — to do what you wish with your life because you are in charge.

So, choose to live a purposeful, meaningful, happy life. Start today! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow might never come. Reverse engineer your life and discover what it takes to live your purpose.

Then, take the time to search for opportunities and ways to contribute to society and the world around you

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